– Art history lectures in Kardamyli, Mani

2 09 2008

Καρδαμύλη 2008

On 28, 29 and 30 August, I presented a series of lectures on ancient Greek art, in English, in the courtyard of Kamara, Kardamyli, Mani, Greece. This was the second year I was invited to give these lectures, and it seems that this will continue for several years to come. This year’s topic was Geometric and Archaic Greek Art. We examined how Minoan and Mycenaean art evolved into Geometric art and then to Archaic art. We talked about the social, economic, religious and art circumstances that led to this change. In these three days we got a grasp of how art developed during these 400 years, and were able to appreciate Geometric and Archaic art contrary to the widespread belief that this art is much inferior to Classical art. Our appointment was renewed for next year, when we will talk about Classical Art.





See a 5 min video on Geometric Art





One response

3 09 2008
- Vee

I missed these lectures and am very disappointed not to have heard them. As a local resident, I am surprised not to have seen any publicity. How can I be sure to be there next time?

Dear Vee: It seems that the shop-window posters we had placed in a number of shops around the town were not adequate. For what it’s worth, however, although poorly publicised, the lectures were quite successful. Please consult this blog next summer or check with Kamara in Kardamyli. Also, at the top of this blog’s right column, there is a link to RSS feeds, in case you use such service. For the time being, why don’t you go to the VIDEO page where you can find a 5 min video clip on Geomertic Art (from the first day of this year’s Kardamyli lectures – 28 August). Regards. P.T.

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